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2022 Nebraska Water Industries Annual Convention and Trade Show 
February 15-17, 2022 Kearney NE

As of right now, we plan to hold the annual convention in February.  We will have more information such as registration cost and agenda as we get closer.

If you are interested in exhibiting please see this packet.  Registration Packet for Exhibitors

If you are looking for continuing education in 2021 we are offering several Webinars throughout 2021. Please click the following link to see a list of our sponsors for the webinars as well as a link to the list of classes we are offering.  People needing Continuing Education 
And remember...All webinars through the Association are free to all those who have a Licensed Contractor membership.  

For those checking on their Continuing Education hours, please email pam.miller@nebraska.gov.  Hours are currently not being posted online as they are making the transition of the program from NDHHS to NDEE. We have people contacting us asking why we are not recording their hours.  The Association submits the hours and the State records the hours.  We are sending them to the state within 24 hrs of the class.  We are not part of the state, so it is best to contact them first to see about your hours.  If we did miss a submission of hours for you we will get that taken care of promptly.  

Video from NWDA about 2021 Continuing Education 

We have added a For Sale page to list sales/auctions.  Located right next to Useful Links up above.  

If you are not a member of the association, please check out this informational flier.

Free online lessons
The Groundwater Foundation is releasing a new series of free online lessons to educate students on the science of groundwater. School closings and shelter in place orders across the country have left millions of children and students at home and in need of more online educational resources. As a response to this need, the Foundation is providing online lessons at no cost to the public.
The online lessons cover a variety of groundwater information, from basic groundwater terminology and concepts to groundwater usage, how it becomes contaminated, and how we can help protect it. The lessons consist of worksheets and videos children can do on their own, plus more involved activities to do with an adult or older sibling.

The latest issue of Water Writes!  
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List of 2021 Webinars (convention replacement) is in the magazine.  
Typo correction...please note that the 2021 Summer Board meeting is June 19th,  NOT June 12th.  

Magazine cover photo:  We are aware that the person putting the windmill up is not a licensed contractor/driller.  This Windmill is purely a front yard decoration and serves no purpose beyond that.  That being said...we would love to come and take photos of your projects to use for magazine cover photos.  Unfortunately, we only have one photographer (me), so photo opportunities will be limited.  If I'm going to be in the area of your project I'd love to come to take a few photos.  You will be allowed to approve said photos and will be given a copy of the photos for your use.   Just drop me a note at jason@h2oboy.net

The National Ground Water Association Presents Lee Orton, J.D. with Ross L. Oliver Award

Award to Honor Mr. Orton’s Contributions to the Groundwater Industry

(WESTERVILLE, OH — September 25, 2019) Lee Orton, J.D., President of Orton Management Association in Lincoln, Nebraska, will receive the Ross L. Oliver Award from the National Ground Water Association (NGWA). The Ross L. Oliver Award is NGWA’s most prestigious award and is presented to those who have made outstanding contributions to the groundwater industry.
The award will be presented to Mr. Orton at NGWA’s Groundwater Week in Las Vegas on December 5, 2019.
After graduating from law school, Orton began his career in the natural resources and groundwater industry by developing the State Water Plan of Nebraska in 1969. Shortly after, he became the first Executive Director of the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NRD) where he successfully managed the merging of 153 local government groups into 24 natural resource districts.
After a decade with NRD, Orton began his private law practice where he played a pivotal role in the Nebraska well drilling industry.  Working with the Nebraska Well Drillers Association, Orton would draft and help pass a new law through the Nebraska Legislature which created a well professional’s license and a state-level governing board to oversee the licensing process.
Orton would go on to become the first Executive Director of the Nebraska Well Drillers Association where he would be hired by the state government to draft new rules and regulations of well drilling licensure.
As a member of NGWA, Orton has proved to be an invaluable resource and advocate for the industry. Orton was instrumental in the formation of NGWA’s Government Affairs Committee as well as organizing the first Washington, D.C. ‘Fly-In’ which allowed NGWA members to directly lobby their lawmakers.
Orton remains one of NGWA’s strongest advocates in state and federal government affairs.
“Lee has the aptitude and demeanor to bring those from all water disciplines – surface and groundwater, contractors, scientists, engineers, consultants, etc. together with regulators and politicians to navigate the legislative processes at the state and federal level for the wise and beneficial use of the resource. He has (still is) dedicated his entire career to the beneficial management of our most precious natural resource, water!” stated nominator Thomas Downey, CWD/PI, President of Downey Drilling Inc, and Past President of NGWA.
Orton obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business and Juris Doctor from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. 
In addition to his participation in professional associations, Orton is active in the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, Gateway Sertoma Club, Zodiac Discussion Club, and various other community organizations.
 When not serving the groundwater industry or his community Orton enjoys playing golf, travel, and historical research.
For more information or additional comments please contact Ben Frech at bfrech@ngwa.org or call (614) 898-7791; ext. 1570.
The National Ground Water Association is a not-for-profit professional society and trade association for the global groundwater industry. Our members around the world include leading public and private sector groundwater scientists, engineers, water well system professionals, manufacturers, and suppliers of groundwater-related products and services. The Association’s vision is to be the leading groundwater association advocating for responsible development, management, and use of water.‚Äč
Ben Frech
Public Relations Manager
National Ground Water Association
T: 614-898-7791 Ext. 1570 E: bfrech@ngwa.org


Mission Statement 

The Nebraska Well Drillers Association has a long tradition in the groundwater industry in Nebraska. It was established over seventy-five years ago and nurtured by key industry leaders along with academicians from the University of Nebraska.

The NWDA has served the industry by providing technical training, new product exposure, idea sharing and fellowship among the members. The organization represents businesses and industries as well as technicians dealing with water well drilling, pump installation, manufacturing and the supplying of equipment and material for water well work.

The NWDA has also become a significant voice in legislative and regulatory affairs of the State of Nebraska.