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Summer 2018 Water Writes 

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2018 Nebraska Water Industries Annual Convention and Trade Show

Well, the 2018 Nebraska Water Industries Annual Convention and Trade Show is in the history books.  We are now in the process of taking care of the Continuing Education and Professional Developmental Hours.  Please allow a month or so for the records to appear on your state records.  

Thank you and see you in 2019! 

Mission Statement 

The Nebraska Well Drillers Association has a long tradition in the ground water industry in Nebraska. It was established over seventy-five years ago and nurtured by key industry leaders along with academicians from the University of Nebraska.

The NWDA has served the industry by providing technical training, new product exposure, idea sharing and fellowship among the members. The organization represents businesses and industries as well as technicians dealing with water well drilling, pump installation, manufacturing and the supplying of equipment and material for water well work.

The NWDA has also become a significant voice in legislative and regulatory the State of Nebraska.