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  • CEU Opportunities

    Be on the lookout for upcoming CEU opportunites sponsored by the Nebraska Well Drillers Association

  • CEU Questions

    If you need to know how many CEU's you have or need please go to the NDHHS link on the "Useful Links" tab or give them a call at 402.471.0546.  The association does not keep track of CEU's per person. We only have records for events that are sponsored by the Association which are then submitted to NDHHS.

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Educational Opportunities

Are you trying to register for events?  Here are a few easy steps to get you started.

1. You will need to log in (this includes both members and non            members). Return to home page and enter your log in information.
2. if you do not recall your username or password, you will find right    below the log in "Forgot your password? Click here."  Go to that       page and enter your email address. if we have your current email       address on record you will be emailed your log in information.
3. Once you are logged in it will take you to your profile page.          Please look over the information and make sure we have your most       current contact information on record. If not, please make any         changes 
4.  Look under bookmarks and click on "Register for Events"
5. Click on the event on the calender.  if you see a green member         registration button you can proceeed with registering.  If you do      not see a green button please contact our office as we will have
   to make an adjustment to your account to allow you to register.

If you still have issues registering, please contact

Keep watching this space for upcoming events